Academia Hagi (ROU)

Academia Hagi is the youth team of Viitorul Constanţa. The academy is based in Ovidiu.

The club and the academy was founded in the summer of 2009 and enrolled in Liga III after buying a spot from CSO Ovidiu. The club is owned and was founded by world-wide known international Romanian footballer, Gheorghe Hagi.[3][4] The club, known in English as 'The Future Football Club', is mainly known as a club based on nurturing the youth talents in Romania, and possesses the top youth facilities of any club in the country. 

2009/10 season: The club achieved the mathematical promotion to the Liga II after round 33 of the season, being in a fierce run with ACS Berceni near the end of the season. 

2011/12 season: The club finished first in Liga II and gained the right to play in Romania's top division, Liga I. The club obtained good results: 19 wins, 4 draws, 7 defeats with 89 goals scored in 30 matches played. 

In the top flight: In the 2012/13 season, the club finished 13th in Liga I, maintaining itself in the first football division, with 8 victories, 12 draws, and 13 defeats with 36 points. FC Viitorul Constanța gained its major victories when they defeated the champion of Romania, Steaua by a score of 5–2, and former champions Dinamo by a score of 3–2, saving the club from relegation. The club would move to avoid relegation in the next 2 seasons.

In 2016, Viitorul achieved their best performance, qualifying for the championship play-offs and finished 5th place, thus qualifying in the third qualifying round of UEFA Europa League, where they were drawn against former Belgian champions, KAA Gent. In their first European match, at Ghelamco Stadium, Ghent, Belgium, Viitorul suffered defeat to Gent.

Birzu Daniel
defender 2002-05-28

190cm/77kg/right footed

Calin Bogdan
midfield. 2001-03-09

181cm/73kg/right footed

Constantin Neagu
midfield. 2002-02-09

175cm/60kg/right footed

Dan Sirbu
defender 2003-04-22

184cm/80kg/right footed

Dumitrescu Antonio
midfield. 2002-09-26

171cm/66kg/right footed

Georgescu Alexandru
defender 2001-07-10

174cm/64kg/right footed

Girsik Aron
forward 2001-07-03

172cm/63kg/right footed

Grameni Constantin
midfield. 2002-10-23

176cm/65kg/left footed

Grosu Darius
defender 2002-06-07

173cm/68kg/right footed

Julian Bileca
defender 2002-02-08

177cm/68kg/right footed

Matis Razvan
midfield. 2001-01-25

175cm/62kg/right footed

Munteanu Louis
forward 2002-06-16

180cm/72kg/right footed

Muresan Darius
defender 2001-07-28

170cm/58kg/left footed

Musat Stefan
goalkeeper 2001-01-17

193cm/78kg/right footed

Negrean Alexandru
midfield. 2001-02-05

180cm/73kg/right footed

Pitu Alexi
forward 2002-06-05

172cm/60kg/right footed

Radu Pocol
forward 2002-05-14

177cm/67kg/right footed

Roberto Malaele
midfield. 2003-03-29

173cm/62kg/right footed

Serban Alexandru
goalkeeper 2001-07-16

192cm/84kg/right footed

Stefan Bodisteanu
forward 2003-02-01

174cm/65kg/right footed

Stefanescu Vladut
defender 2001-01-22

189cm/76kg/right footed

Victor Truca
defender 2002-03-02

172cm/64kg/left footed

Vlad Antonio
defender 2001-04-27

184cm/70kg/right footed

Voicu Robert
midfield. 2002-06-29

164cm/54kg/right footed

Vultur Darius
forward 2001-04-12

170cm/60kg/right footed

Falina Constantin
head coach
Nicola Berti
team manager
Rosca Nicolae
assistant coach
Sirbu Cosmin