FC Dinamo Minsk (BLR)

FC Dinamo Minsk is a professional football club based in the Belarusian capital city of Minsk.

It was founded in 1927 as part of the Soviet Dinamo Sports Society, and was the only club from the Belarussian SSR that competed in the Soviet Top League, playing 39 of the 54 seasons, and winning the title in 1982. Played in quarterfinal of UEFA Champions League in 1983/84.

Since the independence of Belarus the club participates in the Belarusian Premier League, having won 7 league titles and 3 Belarusian Cups.

Dinamo plays its home games in the 16,500 capacity Traktor Stadium. Dinamo reached UEFA Europa League group stages (2014–15 and 2015–16).

Babich Egor
midfield. 2001-10-12

170cm/48kg/right footed

Baranovskiy Timofei
defender 2002-02-02

173cm/60kg/right footed

Chekhovskiy Stanislav
midfield. 2001-09-04

176cm/73kg/right footed

Demchenko Nikita
midfield. 2002-09-06

175cm/57kg/right footed

Egorov Kirill
goalkeeper 2001-06-27

180cm/69kg/right footed

Ermakovich Matvei
forward 2001-02-20

179cm/60kg/right footed

Evtukhovich Aleksandr
forward 2001-01-26

168cm/62kg/right footed

Kaletnikov Andrei
midfield. 2001-10-30

175cm/61kg/right footed

Kalinin Vladislav
defender 2002-01-14

184cm/72kg/right footed

Karpovich Evgeniy
midfield. 2001-07-04

185cm/81kg/right footed

Kiemidinov Masrur
midfield. 2002-01-21

172cm/61kg/right footed

Komoska Nikita
forward 2001-04-13

180cm/65kg/right footed

Konechnyi Andrei
forward 2001-07-01

178cm/76kg/right footed

Krancevich Nikita
midfield. 2001-11-20

173cm/68kg/right footed

Lozhkin Vladislav
forward 2002-03-25

172cm/60kg/both footed

Mikhalenko Aleksandr
defender 2001-12-12

175cm/63kg/right footed

Polyushkevich Aleksandr
defender 2001-08-15

182cm/69kg/right footed

Rovdo Gleb
forward 2002-06-04

182cm/72kg/right footed

Samotoi Maksim
midfield. 2001-10-11

179cm/68kg/right footed

Semenchuk Evgeniy
defender 2001-06-01

190cm/79kg/right footed

Shalupenko Dmitriy
defender 2001-11-25

185cm/63kg/right footed

Shapko Daniil
goalkeeper 2001-04-29

192cm/82kg/right footed

Silchukov Stansilav
defender 2001-01-27

177cm/65kg/right footed

Usatyi Pavel
midfield. 2001-09-09

169cm/66kg/right footed

Volosovich Matvei
defender 2001-02-01

176cm/73kg/right footed

Zanin Konstantin
midfield. 2001-03-16

174cm/59kg/right footed

Chalei Dmitriy
Gornak Sergei
head coach
Strok Aleksandr
pr officer