The organizer of Future Talents Cup is Future Talents Cup Nonprofit Ltd.


dr. Szpirulisz Alexandrosz
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Muzsik Eszter
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Catalyser role, Enabling international experience

The aim of the initiative called FUTURE TALENTS CUP (FTCup) is to help junior athletes and their clubs acquire international experience  in the spectator sports of Football, Futsal, Handball, Basketball and Ice hockey through annually organised friendly matches (to be gradually implemented, with long term sustainability). 
Football will be the first tournament to be staged, in 2014/2015.

Sponsorship, corporate social responsibility

The participants of the FTCup will include talented young athletes whose strong will power and resilience may set a good example  for younger generations and for everybody else. FTCup is aimed to provide assistance for the players concerned in starting their domestic and international sports careers as well. In awareness of the fact that there are less fortunate young people as well, 10 % of our sponsorship income will be donated to child protecting organisations.

An opportunity to take off, Sports diplomacy, New dimensions

Opportunities to participate in international events will be provided for all those who have no or hardly any such opportunity at present (e.g. not everyone is born in a good geographical location, different rates of growth and development, not everyone can be on the junior national team, scarce financial resources etc.). Our mission is to offset inequalities and to balance out pre-determined situations and any social exclusion. There are thousands of  football clubs across Europe and only a fraction of them has opportunities to participate in international tournaments (despite the  apparent demand). FTCup is intended to act as a supplement and a partner for ongoing international and national events, bringing together those who  are mutually interested in such an opportunity (the thousands of potential participants guarantee the long term sustainability of the  initiative and/or its integration in international series of events).


With the help of its permanent international partner (InStat Football Ltd.) FTCup will continuously process, analyse and archive the  image and video recordings produced in the course of the events. The statistics and other processed information and databases will be  made available on its website, thereby promoting the work of clubs, professionals and sports managers and the career opportunities of young talents.

Financing and sustainability, impacts on tourism

We wish to help all – to the extent permitted by our financial and other resources. The participation and contributions of sports federations, sponsors and perhaps even states, is indispensable for the launching and continuation of the tournament system. The funds may only be used for the organisation of the events and for charity purposes. In addition to sports professional considerations the programme will generate tourism opportunities and revenues as well. (E.g. the planned 4-day final rounds (approx. 768 persons)), which the organisers intend to implement with state subsidies and/or sponsorship (prize hand-over ceremonies, networking, tourism etc.).
The tax revenues from the amounts spent by invitees staying in the hosting city equal about half of the amount spent on invitation (with the tax revenues from the amounts spent by other interested foreigners, of a number similar to that of the invitees, the subsidy devoted to the organisation of the final round is fully recovered, etc.). Another impact effect will materialise in the form of advertisements through media. Clearly, the organisation of the final may be a key element of sustainability.



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